Ghost Stories 3

Ghost Stories 3 Available Now!


$9.95 plus S&H

Ghost Stories 3, the last documentary in this paranormal trilogy, follows filmmaker Dan T. Hall as he and his team of investigators, Marilene Isaacs- Intuitve, Tracy bacon- Demonolgist, IGT Paranormal Investigators, Paranormal 911, Shannon continue to seek out communication with the souls of Indiana’s departed. Visit haunted houses in Veedersburg and Valparaiso where past residents intrude on the lives of the current owners; tread the grounds of Witches Castle in Utica; hear the voices of souls still incarcerated in the old Benton County Jail; peek inside Fowler City Theater with a ghostly prankster on the prowl; and witness proof of unrest and moving objects at Drena’s Bar & Grill in Hobart.

Welcome back to the domain of the dead.

Other DVD’s in the Series are available below

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